As a resident of the city of Headland,which I am proud to call this city my home.  I retired from the USAF with 22 years of honorable service, attended 2 years at Wallace Community College in Dothan, worked in helicopter maintenance and electric systems at Fort Rucker, Liccense # 5149089, participated in IAMW, am a member of two professional associations, an active member of the National Baptist Conventional of America, a Deacon at Greater Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church and Chairman of the Trustee Board.

I would like to give the citizens of Headland a positive candidate that will help and get involve in our whole community. I have been very involved in the city government for over eight years. I believe my military experience will be crucial to upcoming decisions that will be concerns for the Headland community. My church affiliation have prepared me to execute a vision of
leadership, visibility to better serve and support this progressive city.

In conclusion, I believe that working with the citizens in District One is a very important job that work and life experience are key to successful decision making. I know that when citizens show up for council meeting with something to say, they not only want to be heard but know that their concerns don't fall on deaf ears. The citizens of Headland is our past, present, and our future.

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